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Nicholson Approves Film Without Seeing Script

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I love this minor, breathless, kinda inaccurate, gossipy article about The Shining. Here's the text.

Without ever having read a script, because there is none yet, Jack Nicholson agreed to star in a new Stanley Kubrick movie called "Shining." Nicholson is either intrigued with the idea of making a Kubrick film or with the lure of the loot he's getting to do it. Incidentally, Kubrick, who usually shoots his films in Europe, will make "Shining" in Hollywood, U.S.A.

Not even a single mention of King. Strange.

From the February 16, 1977 Pasadena Star News.

Author: Micah
Post Date: 02.20.13


Josh says...
You left out the best part. The seemingly outdated, even in the 70's, "Hollywood town, USA"

Reel Distraction says...
Josh: That's a good point. Feels very much like a 50s Variety thing to say.

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