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The Shining Party - Pictures
Genre: Horror

This article is part of The Shining Party - Halloween 2008

I just got back into town from the Shining Party, a 20's-era ball held at the hotel where (the exteriors of) The Shining were filmed. I'm posting pictures now, and will post thoughts about the night later on Monday. But the short version is... completely amazing night. Kudos to the Alamo Drafthouse and Nike for putting together a top-shelf event.

Click on any of the pictures below to make 'em bigger.

Heading to the Overlook Hotel (AKA Timberline Lodge). Yes... that is a hint of a rainbow.

The sign we saw at the base of the long, winding road up to the lodge.

Our first view of the hotel...

And a much better look at the iconic architecture.

Hey... they're closing the place for us! Sweet.

One of the first things you see after you enter the Lodge. It was just one of the dozens of small touches that made the night a completely immersive experience.

Here's another... as we headed down the hall to check into our room, we noticed a power wheel sitting all by itself.

A closer view. Very unsettling.

Our room key... how did we get so lucky as to be in Room 237?

Actually, we didn't. We were in Room 215. They had printed fake roomtags for all of us. My wife instantly called dibs to use on her keychain.

Our cozy and rustic room.

One of the six drink tickets included with the VIP package.

A behind-the-scenes shot of the opening band warming up.

One of the first activities of the night was a series of themed 16mm educational films. This one was called Surviving the Cold, and was made by the Red Cross in the early 80's. It featured one of cinema's worst fathers. Maybe even worse than Jack Torrance.

After the 16mm films, we had dinner and met The Twins. They wandered the party all night, never broke character, and had uber-creepy deadpan stares. I'll post a video clip later of them asking to "come play with us."

Another child actor. These wandering actors were the best part of the night, and really got everyone in the mood to rewatch the film.

Here's the actor who played Jack, struggling away at his typewriter. I didn't get a picture of the lady who played Wendy. By the end of the night, she was being chased around the Lodge by a knife-wielding Jack.

Another nice touch scattered at one end of the Lodge.

Here's The Stolen Sweets (, a fantastic 20's-era band that played during the last few hours of the night.

This actor was hands-down the creepiest dude of the night...

Look at that stare and the death-pallor skin!

At midnight we were shipped off to our rooms, where we found various goodies, including two posters, a copy of the The Shining...

... a page of Jack's masterpiece...

... two bottles of Jack Daniels...

... a bloody knife in the sink...

... and REDRUM on the mirror. Perfect.

I'd brought a bottle of Rogue Dead Guy Ale (what better beer for Halloween?) with me to the Lodge, and cracked it open as I settled into bed to watch...

... The Shining! What else? It was simulcast to all of the rooms shortly after midnight.

During the more sound-intensive scenes (Danny driving up and down the halls, Wendy screaming, the twins death-chanting, etc) a series of in-hall boomboxes were timed to make it sound like it was happening Just Outside Your Room. Very nice touch.

Midway through the movie, room service brought everyone sandwiches and other assorted snacks.

The movie ended around 2:30 a.m., and we enjoyed a well-deserved rest. In the morning everyone stumbed bleary-eyed outside, enjoyed the mountain air, and headed back to Portland.

Author: Micah
Post Date: 11.03.08


Dave says...
I didn't expect the use of props and wandering actors ... definitely awesome. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm looking forward to your story! Looks like a tremendous event.

Brian says...
Sounds awesome!!

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