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AGFA Cinemapocalypse 2014

News: AGFA Cinemapocalypse 2014 08.11.14

A rule I try to live by is that if thereís a Cinemapocalypse event happening, Iím going. I think it started as a road show Zack and Lars brought to several rep theaters on the west coast in early 2009. At least thatís when I first went to a Cinemapocalypse show, because my wife and I just happened to be in Seattle the same night they were coming through and showing Vice Squad at the Grand Illusion. Since then thereíve been various Cinemapocalypse screenings/marathons, including one that that immediately followed the screening of Inglorious Basterds where Tim draped the Ritz in giant Nazi banners, and the one-off screening of Psycho From Texas that Lars brought to Dallas a month ago, and Iíve never had less than an amazing time at one. So when this went on sale just a week or two ago, I bought my ticket immediately.
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